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RGBdog presents: Volumetric Interviews 2021

Streamed on RGBdogTV
In collaboration with Krea, Leonardo Scarin, Peter Pflügler, Handi Kim, Princess Camel

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RGBdog presents: Volumetric Interviews introduces creatives based in The Netherlands working at the intersection of music, visual arts, and technology, who are focused on developing supportive communities all over the world. The series aims to raise awareness of the creative possibilities of technology and to invite audiences in joining the ongoing broader debate about its benefits and pitfalls. ⁣⁣

This project is being developed with the generous support from Stimuleringsfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Pictoright funds.

What is your oath as a creator in the age of artificial intelligence?

We Declare May 29-31, 2020

Premiered for the virtual festival by Umanesimo Artificiale on their Instagram

“What does it mean to be human in the era of artificial intelligence?

This is a participatory, collective constitution project which involves artists, researchers and designers working creatively with technology, especially Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Together with other creatives, we aim to make a collective oath bringing the importance of making ethical decisions as a creator and share with fellow humans facing this change.

Soyun Park, media artist and founder of RGBdog
Thorwald van den Akker, chief creative officer at bitbird independent record label
Berk Özdemir, composer
Nadia Piet, designer and researcher
Vishal, new media artist
Kasper Quaink, graphic Design student at ArtEZ
Lenka Hamosova, design researcher and lecturer
Jonas Bohatsch, artist
Kexin Hao, graphic designer
Eurico Sa Fernandes, artist, designer and coder
Olesya, internet artist
Daniël Korssen, Creative developer
Chris Kore , multidisciplinary artist
Andrea Rotella, biomedical engineer
Nicoletta Radice, Graphic designer
Noam Youngrak Son, founder of d-act magazine
Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie, composer
Moisés Horta Valenzuel, sound artist and electronic musician
Junior Ngoma, creative coder.
What if the world is going to end and this is our last meal together?

The Last Dinner April 11, 2020

Streamed on RGBdogTV
In collaboration with Kexin Hao

Participants: Sasha Gransjean, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Tabitha Swanson and Woulg

Everything is shut down, cancelled and vaporised in the air. Whatever we were doing doesn't feel relavant any more. What can we do when every communication in a physical space shifts to the digital realm?

We invited 4 creatives to virtual dinner during lockdown in a world pandemic situation.

From four different cities, Amsterdam, Berlin, LA and Montreal, we immediately felt understood each other in a form of eating a meal together. When warm meals were in front of us, things happened natural and we had a very honest conversation about how our life and practice changed, sharing with our virtual audiences.

What happens if musicians meet technology?

BedroomLiveOut. April 07, 2020

Streamed on RGBdogTV

Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie
Berk Özdemir

⁣RGBdog invited 4 experimental electronic musicians working with Ableton, MaxMSP, TouchDesigner, neural networks and live coding.

In a lockdown situation in their bedrooms, the 4 musicians created audio-reactive visuals with their sound, actively using experimental technology.

BedroomLiveOut. is to support artists and to bring the community together to create and inspire experimental electronic music and the audio-visual world.

How is an online dance Party with a webcam, but you’re only seen as sticks?

The recorded live video will be updated soon!

Interview with Daniël Korssen May 04, 2020

Streamed on Instagram live

RGBdog interviewed Daniël Korssen, a creative developer from Utrecht, NL.

During quarantine times when many Zoom parties were rising, Daniël designed and developed a digital dance party platform using Posenet and Spotify API. When users get into the browser, they can share themselves dancing but only in stick figures.

RGBdog joined the party and found it fascinating that it certainly removes the feeling of having to present in an appealing way through a camera.

In the interview, we can hear how technology is used to bring joy and happiness, also how it enhances the community bonding experience.